Journey to the lost world

1st Day:

It feels like being in a fairytale or in a dream.

Triggered by childhood memories of Conan Doyle’s stories or maybe by the movie “Up”, the journey into the lost world begins.

A small airplane takes us towards the intense blue sky with those huge puffy clouds that can only be seen here. Underneath us, the mighty Orinoco, the legendary river of Venezuela, a country that still treasures many unexplored territories.

Having left behind the industrial city of Puerto Ordaz, we are heading to the immense extensions of the rainforest crossed by serpentines of countless rivers that carry smoothly their brown waters breaching their way through this vast green ocean.

After flying for about half an hour, some “Tepuy”, solitary tabletop mountains resembling petrified giants growing up straight from earth, start to appear in the small round windows. This quick change of the worlds makes the heart beat faster. We just said goodbye to the urban layouts as we already find ourselves approaching Canaima’s red clay runway, the only threshold to these virgin forests and plains.

The first impressions include a mix of astonishing yet unavoidable paradoxes. The day-by-day simple lifestyle of the natives using the latest technology, or a traditional Indian boat “kuriara” powered by an outboard engine. Everything here is exotic, even for experienced travelers: amusing houses, fascinating flora and fauna, yellowish/brownish drinking water straight form the Carrao River, new culinary experiences, sharing lunch with a wild toucan (see video), and much more.

The adventure is only beginning as we are heading to “Salto El Sapo” (the Toad falls). After having crossed the lagoon where the river joyfully tumbles down from approx. 40mts. we start finding our way in a small stripe of rainforest, where the orchids grow right under our feet and the roots of the trees interlace in the most fascinating ways. In the distance we can already hear the murmur of the water, fresh and beckoning, and after a couple of minutes we stand in front of the live wall of silver water.

The intense humidity already gets us soaked wet while undressing to our swimsuits. The feeling of freshness and purity runs from our bare feet to the top of our heads as we immerge in this invigorating stream. Clinging to the roots, to the stones and to each other, we literally rejoice like kids while plunging into pure nature, walking inside of this spectacular water corridor.

Once reached the highest point of the waterfall, it feels like we are at the top of the world and in spite of the endless sound of the powerful river, we can’t avoid feeling the endless peace that surrounds us.


Nataliya Mykhalova

A brief video to give a better taste of the experience

Some photos of that day

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