Travel My Planet - WORK IN PROGRESS

TMP was originally created to share the passion for travel and admiration for this amazing planet, publishing some of my photography work along with comments about my experiences and impressions. Everything is supposed to always be relative to one's point of view, so that is way I called it Travel "My" Planet. When you travel, it becomes "Your" Planet, of course.

We are all in it together, we share its beauty and its resources, but then we feel it and we enjoy it from our own prospectives and we process the information with our individual senses and reason (I hope) with our own brains. Let me be clear. "My" planet doesn't refer to ownership of it. It's how I and each one of you see, feel, enjoy and have an impact on it.


I believe traveling is really important to nourish and enrich the mind and the soul, but I have decided to take Travel My Planet to a more useful and informative channel to help raise awareness as well as take action to repair and save this planet I cherish so much. It takes time and resources, but I just can't keep on going without doing something positive, promoting and supporting the changes that need to be taken to make this world a better place for every species alive and for generations to come.


I'll keep travelling the world with passion and with an open mind, ready to learn and share best practices that could help us be better humans every day of our brief but intense presence in this extraordinary planet. I am constantly exploring simple and complex aspects about our existence and evolution as a species to understand better who we are and why we are here, appreciating the uniqueness of all life forms and emphasising the impact we have on our environment and on each other’s life.


After two million years of being the most intelligent and conscience species to roam this pale blue planet, it is our duty to nurture and enrich our minds and souls for truly positive cognitive and spiritual enlightenment, enjoying the perfect balance between good health and happiness, developing an holistic approach in our everyday life, becoming a new generation of highly evolved beings, in harmony with the cosmos.

Blessed to have already visited a few wonderful places

Naty & Daniel were here.

Naty was here.

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