Travel My Planet

When TMP was created, the idea was mainly to share the passion for travel mourned this amazing planet. Although traveling is really important to nourish and enrich our mind and soul, we can't do so if that planet we cherish is being threatened and damaged by ourselves. We ought to dedicate now all of our attention and efforts to react and action everything we know needs to be done to avoid the irreversible and to make this world truly a better place for all species currently alive and for generations to come.


My intention is to keep traveling the world to learn about best practices that could help us all be better humans each and every day of our brief but intense presence in this extraordinary planet and share as much as I can through this website and social media channels. I will be exploring simple and complex aspects about our existence and evolution as a species, understanding more about who we are and why we are here, appreciating the uniqueness of all life forms and emphasising the impact we have on the environment as well as on each other’s life. It is our duty to nurture and enrich the mind and the soul for cognitive and spiritual enlightenment, enjoying the perfect balance between good health and happiness. Developing an holistic approach as part of a new generation of highly evolved beings, in harmony with the cosmos.

Blessed to have already visited a few wonderful places

Naty & Daniel were here.

Naty was here.

Daniel was here.